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I love the world, the one without civilization.
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Girl In a Country Song—Maddie & Tae

Ever wonder what country music videos would look like if the male/female roles were reversed? Well, here you go. So funny.

Not a fan of this kind of “country” but i agree with the message of it

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Dear Tumblr,
Perhaps you don’t know the only fucking thing an anchor is designed to do. Just to be safe, I’ve fixed your tattoos for you. - Craig

if this doesn’t become a famous text post, i think i’d go insane…

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I’ve been having a really rough week and all I want to do is sleep for about thirty years


i want dogs to be allowed at more places and i want children under 6 to not be

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SYSTEM ALERT: The metaphor is in his hand

Wait wait wait. His girlfriend needs assistance breathing and he smokes next to her? Hahahahahahaha what the fuck is this

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